What can I expect before, during and after oncological treatment?

Before treatment can be carried out, you will meet with your radiation oncologist to see if you will benefit from radiation therapy. Afterwards, medical tests are carried out to diagnose your condition. Medical tests include PET scans and an MRI and CT scan. After a thorough examination, your oncologist will discuss whether radiation therapy is a good treatment option for you. External beam radiation is a painless therapy carried out over several sessions. These therapies are done five days a week. After cancer therapy, regular follow-ups are done to ensure you are responding well to the treatments.


How safe is radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy has been carried out over a hundred years successfully. But unfortunately, many patients become concerned and think radiation therapy can lead to cancer much later in life. However, this is the best way to destroy these harmful cells.


How long will it take for radiotherapy to begin?

It can take several days or three weeks after an initial diagnosis to begin treatment.


What are the typical symptoms of cancer

Cancer symptoms depend on the region where the illness occurs. However, common symptoms include a lump in the area, bleeding, coughing and sudden weight loss.


How do you administer radiation oncology?

Radiotherapy is an outpatient procedure, so you do not need to stay overnight in the hospital. Treatment can be administered daily for at least ten minutes.

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