Dr Joseph Mutungameri Mthombeni is a radiation and clinical oncologist interested in the early diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. He ensures he improves his patient’s quality of life whilst living with cancer. Dr Mthombeni obtained his Fellowship from the College of Radiation and Clinical Oncologists of South Africa (FC Rad Onc (SA)). To pursue his interests in prostate cancer, he took it upon himself to research in this area for his Master of Medicine in Radiation and Clinical Oncology (MMed Rad Onc.) from the University of the Free State. Although he is passionate about treating prostate cancer, Dr Mthombeni demonstrates great skill in treating several cancer types, such as lung, breast, gastrointestinal, cervical, anal and valvular cancer and sarcomas, to name a few.

Dr Mthombeni is from the Bushbuckridge area in Mkhuhlu, in Mpumalanga. He completed his primary and secondary education in the same province. As his passion for medicine grew, he was determined to leave his hometown and pursue his love of medicine. In 2013, Dr Mthombeni graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) from MEDUNSA, the Medical University of South Africa, also known as Sefako Makgatho University (SMU). After graduating, he returned to Mpumalanga to serve the community. Following this, he completed a two-year internship at Themba Hospital. During his internship, he served the community of KaBokweni, which he completed in 2015. After this, in 2016, he was appointed community medical officer at Rob Ferreira Tertiary Hospital in Nelspruit. While working in the orthopaedic department, he identified a gap in the oncology sector and the management of cancer patients, and he became more invested in oncology. He saw this as an opportunity to give back to his community and the people who raised him.

While working as a medical intern, he completed his rounds in several specialities. Doing this helped him become a well-rounded doctor who is well-versed in various medical specialities. As a result, he gained experience in the medical field, working in regional and tertiary state hospitals. By completing his specialist studies and Master's degree at the University of the Free State, Dr Mthombeni had the opportunity of helping patients from different regions within the Free State and Lesotho. He treated several malignancies and performed cancer therapy treatments such as radiation planning, brachytherapy, chemotherapy and palliative care. Dr Mthombeni has experience providing counselling services to cancer patients and their families through outreach service programmes which helped pique interest in palliative care. He hopes to pursue studies in this particular area of oncology.

Dr Mthombeni wishes to serve patients in Mpumalanga and neighbouring countries such as Swaziland and Mozambique.

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